How do you find and keep the best employees? What should you do when you need to prepare for downsizing… or upsizing? What is the latest you need to know about HR compliance?

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Previous Workshop Topics:

What Are You Doing Wrong Under the Affordable Care Act?
Presented by Amy Klein from Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
(December 2015)

The New Contingent Workforce: They’re Not Called Temps Anymore
(November 2015)

2015 Annual HR Consortium Luncheon
(June 2015)

Getting What You Want From Difficult Conversations
(April 2015)

NLRB Update: Decisions Impacting Both Unionized & Non-Union Employers
(February 2015)

Working with Four Generations in the Workplace
(October 2014)

Developing Your Talent to Move Forward
(August 2014)

Annual Luncheon Meeting of the North Country HR Consortium
(June 2014)

How to Become a Proactive vs. Reactive HR Department
(April 2014)

Toxic Employees… What is the Antidote?
(February 2014)

2014: What’s on the HR Horizon?
(December 2013)

Eliminating HR Nightmares: Writing & Implementing the Right Policies
(October 2013)

Affordable Care Act / Expert Panel
(September 2013)

Annual Meeting / Special Half-Day Workshop
(June 2013)

Effectively Managing Change
(February 2013)

Part 2: How to Deal with Troublesome Employees Working Session
(November 2012)

Troublesome Employees: When (and How) to Say ‘Goodbye’
(September 2012)

Conflict: Resolution or Management?
(July 2012)

HR Laws That Apply To Your Business
(May 2012)

Attracting & Keeping Quality Employees
(March 2012)

Why HR Matters: The People & Legal Reasons
(January 2012)

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