General HR Services

Having the NCHR Consortium as your outsourced HR department is like having an HR Director with over 25 years experience at your disposal. Coaching and consultation assistance is one of our primary services used by many businesses in the North Country. This service offers you professional expertise, suggestions and recommendations regarding most aspects of HR – no matter what the size of your company. Here are just a few examples:

  • Employee Relations
  • Effective Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Labor Relations
  • Training Strategies
  • HR Programs/Processes
  • Process Improvements
  • Policy Review and Development
  • HR Department Audits
  • Investigations

Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks

Having clearly defined and communicated policies is considered a “must-have” for any business. To not have your workplace policies clearly documented may open your business to significant liability. Our professionals can assist your management team in the consistent application of policies and procedures by documenting what you currently do and recommending additional policies. This manual will provide practical guidance on administration of your policies as well as any pre-employment and post employment duties required of the management team. This manual will then link to the employee handbook which is the most popular format to communicate policies, procedures and work rules to your employees. In addition, the handbook can explain information regarding the organization’s history and culture, what the employee can expect from you as an employer and what you expect of the employee to include an overview of total rewards and other necessary information.

We can review your existing polices and handbook, if available, and/or develop a new manual and handbook tailored to your specific needs.

NCHRC Consortium members will receive regular updates to their handbook through professionally drafted addendums.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions serve a vital role in an organization’s daily operations. They are more than just an outline of the essential functions for a specific job; they provide invaluable assistance with regard to, but not limited to, medical verifications and reviews, return to work feasibility, employee performance appraisals, labor commission claims, workers’ compensation claims and more.

Letter Writing and Review

As a manager or employer, you can find it challenging when faced with drafting a letter of discipline or even worse, a letter of termination. What do I include in the letter? This is a question commonly asked. NCHRC consultants can draft custom letters for business owners, managers or HR for the purpose of assisting them with properly documenting employee issues.

HR Form & Policy Development

In your busy days, you just don’t have the time to develop forms and policies. NCHRC can develop these customized forms or policies for you to meet your business and personnel needs.

Personnel File Review

Not sure what should be in those files? NCHRC can provide an audit of your organizations personnel files and assist you in setting up files that meet all regulations. We can provide a thorough review of personnel of files in accordance with State labor standards and specifications:

Purging of any documents that need to be filed separately Creation of a medical / confidential file to house employee medical & other confidential records Review of Federal W-4 Forms Review of Federal I-9 Forms (Employment Eligibility & Verification Forms) Review of current filing system and security measures

Internal Employee Relations

Any business that has employees will undoubtedly experience some type of internal personal or work performance issues. This may include, but not limited to, personal issues, personality conflicts, attendance, abuse of paid leaves of absences, work performance issues, workplace violence, theft or dishonesty, use of drugs or alcohol, unlawful harassment, and workplace discrimination. NCHRC offers support and assistance to organizations who may feel alone, isolated, or uncertain how to reasonably address these various issues. If need direction, please give us a call.

Other HR Support Services…

The HRC offers additional support and services not already discussed. Please review how the HRC may be able to assist:

  • Labor Commission Claims and Hearings
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims and Hearings
  • Wage Surveys, Compensation Studies
  • Employee Return to Work Facilitation
  • Internal Investigations

Additional Services & Training Topics:
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